As aspiring world leaders in the healthcare industry...

EQiGate provides innovative and customised management solutions, introducing a practical system that integrates and connects healthcare professionals to improve individual health and wellness.


With EQiGate’s experience in the healthcare industry and the research done in the medical field, it is evident that practices generally experience challenges in:

Implementing an integrated system that aligns general practice management.

Recruiting and training qualified staff to effectively manage medical practices.

EQiGate is creating accessible and streamlined healthcare services, by:

  • Integrating and connecting healthcare professionals.
  • Embedding best practice in daily operations.
  • Building strong quality assurance models that is mutually beneficial to all participants.
  • Utilising a consistent billing platform that allows for effective clinical case management, and increased negotiating power.
  • Generating and identifying income streams, relating directly to your organisation’s bottom line, specifically preventing financial losses by managing and monitoring unexpected risks.

Outcomes for your organisation include:

  • A personalised dedicated telephone line for or attending to incoming and outgoing calls, fully voice recorded and stored based on the POPI and PAPI requirements.
  • 24-hour access to a dedicated communication centre to manage all after-hour patient requirements.
  • 24-hour call-return function.
  • 24-hour diary management and booking of patients via email or electronic system.
  • Electronic capturing and live reporting on data and patient status.
  • 24-hour access to a multi-tier integrated essential service network.
  • Access to a cost-effective billing system and network aimed at generating financial sustainability.
  • Integrated multi-tiered ambulance support network.
  • Provision of accurate statistics and assistance with management strategies to improve your business and footprint.
  • 24-hour active resource management.
  • Clinical governance and per case review.
  • Constant development and updates on electronic platforms with technical management and support.
  • Per case/incident reporting.

EQiGate’s system is Transparent | Flexible | Adaptable | Legally Compliant | Clinically Approved |
Quality Assured | Unique | Diverse | Integrated